DKK 150,00

Here’s what Andy has to say about his album Motives:
“I took a fresh look at Jesus and how He communicated and what struck me was how simple but totally loaded His stories were. Satyrs, happily ever afters, comedies, tragedies, sometimes obvious, sometimes cloaked, always armed to the back teeth with meaning.

So Jesus was a genius storyteller, and the other refreshing thing was that He never seemed to pull any punches. He wasn’t trying to please people, He just said what He meant and meant what He said. Absolute love, absolute honesty, absolutely provocative, and that’s what art needs to be for me, it needs to say something, make someone think, agree, disagree, wonder, gnash their teeth or dance along, they can love it or hate it with a passion, as long as what I’m expressing is honest and it’s stirring up honest response, that’s art and it’s worth doing. It has to strike a nerve or two.

So yeah, stories, honesty, truth, passion, people, Motives.”

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